Legal notice

Repairs covered by the Blaze Jewelry Warranty for 3 months:

In order for the Blaze Jewelry warranty to continue, third parties and institutions must not interfere with the products in any way.

The product is excluded from the scope of warranty in case of breakage or damage due to improper use or accidental damage.

In order for the repair to be carried out, it must be possible for the product to be original.


Blaze Jewelry renews the coating of the products free of charge for 3 months under warranty.

In cases where the warranty period has passed, after the product is inspected, it can be taken into paid maintenance if possible.

Chain Break:

Chains that are broken, broken or damaged as a result of impact or snagging are not covered by the warranty.

Products that are broken from welding or joints due to manufacturer error are repaired free of charge with Blaze Jewelry Warranty for 3 months.

Mine Drop:

In possible cases, the product is examined, and if a production-related problem is detected, the product is modified or replaced under warranty.

If damage is detected as a result of impact or compression, the product will not be covered by the warranty. However, after the Blaze Jewelry representative receives approval from the workshop, the paid renovation process is started.


In repair and maintenance operations, shipping costs are paid by the buyer if there is no problem caused by production.