Refund policy

At Blaze Jewelry, your satisfaction with the products you have purchased is our top priority.

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, you can return the purchased or not used product within 14 days of receipt, using your unconditional return guarantee, or replace it with another product or products. There is no return or exchange of used products, customized or sample sale products.

Rings that have been tested and have passed 14 business days are not exchanged or returned due to size mismatches.

Due to hygienic reasons, earrings are not returned or exchanged.

In order for the return or exchange to begin, you must send an email to with the order number.

For returns and exchanges, shipping costs belong to the buyer.

After your return or exchange is approved, the product amount will be deposited into the credit card or bank account you use, with the shipping fee deducted. The return date may vary depending on the practices of the bank you work with.

For more detailed information about returns or exchanges, contact Just send an e-mail to address.

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the order-Contract within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the product, without any justification and without penalty.